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Features of The Garden Benches

Garden benches are popular amenities in various parks and courts. They are meant to provide the user with space for recreation. Most benches are strategically located to give a good view of the scenery. These seats come in different sizes and shapes. The material used highly detects the shape and size that the garden bench will take. Certain standard features are common for most garden seats.


Sitting area

klklklklklklThe sitting area is the most fundamental characteristic of a garden seat. Various benches exhibit distinctive sitting areas. This area is determined by the number of people the seat is meant to accommodate. Wooden benches, for instance, can be custom-made to include soft cushions. These pillows are supposed to give the user some comfort. Wooden benches that are fitted with cushions usually have overhead covers to prevent them from getting wet when it rains. Concrete benches are usually simple, with only the sitting slab available.


A classic chair is composed of a backrest. The backrest is meant to ensure that the user finds comfort when he/she leans back. Most of these backrests take the shape of the conventional chair. They are usually inclined at a particular angle, characteristically at a right angle. Some seats, however, deviate from this design. Some are more slanted backward. In other instances, the backrest is unavailable. The bench only has the sitting area. The design of the backrest is the discretion of the person making it.


The stands are what supports the benches and hold them in place. There are different designs of chair stands. The most common type is the four-legged stands. Some seats are suspended from the air with chains or ropes to give them that swaying ability. Other stands are curved. This curve makes the bench rock back and forth when someone sits. It is, however, imperative to note that the type of stand selected is entirely the discretion of the owner/maker.


kkjkjkjkjkJust like a chair, a traditional garden seat has an armrest. These armrests are found on either side of the bench. They are supposed to provide a person with the required arm support. The armrests come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. The material used to make the bench play a fundamental role in determining the kind of armrest it has. For instance, aluminum, recycled plastic, fiberglass are very versatile materials. Therefore, the armrests can be configured easily to the desired shape. Most concrete benches, however, do not have an armrest.