The common types of fencing to choose for your yard

If you have a piece of yard and you have thought about putting a fence, then you need to consider the different types of fencing. Different materials can be used for fencing. The material that you choose for fencing will depend on various factors.  For instance, your budget is one of the factors because some materials are very costly. On the other hand, you might consider the climate in your area and also the landscaping design. Some materials are greatly affected by weather like wood, so you need to consider that.

Common types of fencing

Wood fencing

This is a common type of fencing in almost all parts of the world. Wood is a classic material, and it goes well with almost any home and landscaping design. It is relatively cheap, and if you take care of item, it will last for a long time. However, a wooden fence has its downside. You need to constantly treat the wood to avoid termite attack and also water damage. If you are not able to maintain it, then you should probably look for another material. With good maintenance, wood is one of the best fencing materials.


Vinyl fencing

Most of the modern homes are making use of the vinyl fencing material. The reason for the popularity of the vinyl type of fencing is the flexibility that it offers. It is easy to manipulate your vinyl fence to the color and the shape that you want. This is something that you might not be able to do with other materials. Vinyl is also maintenance free, and you don’t have to keep repainting it to maintain a new look. The only downside of vinyl fencing is the fact that it might be very expensive to install at first.



Aluminum is known for strength, and if you are looking for a strong fence, then aluminum will just do the trick. It offers most of the advantages that you will get from an iron fence, but the best thing with aluminum is the fact that it doesn’t rust like iron. Aluminum can also be reshaped to take the design that you want. It is maintenance free, and you don’t have to do much to maintain a new look. However, the initial cost of installation might be a bit high.